Monday, 26 December 2016

Jeremy's Anthem for 2017

by Girish Menon

I’m not afraid of  Brexit
I’m not worried about Trump
I’m not scared of boundary changes
Don’t care about opinion polls
I don’t bother with Tony
Nor his many cronies

Half a million volunteers
Are my army
Largest party in the EU
I won’t let you down

I believe in socialism
Universal basic income
World class NHS
Pure air, water and food
A safe place to live
For all who live here

Half a million volunteers
Will each bring thirty new voters
Largest party in the UK
I won’t let you down

I said don’t go to Iraq
I did not fudge my bills
I do not hate the wealthy
The media hate me
But the youth relate to me
And I am full of energy

Half a million members
Will spread the good word
A fair government in the UK
I won’t let you down.


Universal Basic Income explained

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