Saturday, 17 December 2016

Lucky Dip

by Girish Menon

Shiv is in a bind
Got no more options
Throws the ball to the leggie
Abdul save me from my plight

What should I do skip?
Flight or darts?
The game will be lost
In a jiff or in time

Do what you please
Take a risk if you wish
Take the field that you want
Save me from my fate

I will be deposed
My record exposed
Personally divorced

Abdul, take the risk
You don't have to worry
It is my flutter
Just get me a winner

Abdul flights the ball
Six runs to win
Twelve balls to play
Three wickets left

The ball slips from his grip
Dips and hits a divot on the pitch
Shoots along the mud
Hits the batter on his foot

The ump raises his finger
The crowd is happy
The experts begin to rave
At the great bowling change

I still have some hope
My record intact
My family safe

The match is won soon after
The experts sing my praise
The cup is saved
I will remain captain again
Many wins follow
Folks call me the greatest
Skipper and tactician
That ever played

But if it was not for Abdul
And the divot on the pitch
Daily I’d be walking to Tesco
To buy a lucky dip.

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