Thursday, 16 February 2012

My Weltanschhaung - 16/02/2012

The EU troika, after shifting the 'austerity' goal posts for Greece are now willing to let Greece quit the Euro. So let's hope that Greece will not have to implement the austerity measures if it quits the Euro. 

Israel and its allies will only be happy after a war with Iran.

What has the world come to - Sun journalists who had hitherto never left an opportunity to criticise the EU, now plan to use the EU human rights law to challenge their benevolent employer Murdoch. With facts like that who needs fiction. What about allowing markets to function freely - you Sunny folks?

I think Arsenal are finished as a team and Wenger will leave at the end of the season. They were not in the reckoning in the game against AC Milan last night. What a shame!

British policemen have a 70 % chance of escaping prosecution on serious charges of misconduct if the investigation is carried out by the IPCC. Shocking but not surprising indeed.

London Olympic officials refuse to divulge information about how many tickets were sold and at what prices. A scam?

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